Size guide


Four UK adult waist sizes

Regular 6-16 Settings approximately 75cm- 105cm

Large 12-22 Settings approximately 96cm-122cm

Extra large 16-26


2 child waist sizes

Child 2-6yrs Settings approximately 48cm- 75cm

Child 6-11yrs Settings approximately 42cm- 64cm

If you are a size 14 or 16, you may unsure whether to go for a regular or large size. The difference is how much overlap you will get with the wrap around, and this is of course personal preference. We can only guide you and suggest if you are a 14-16 but sometimes take 12-14 size clothes then the regular size should be okay, however if you sometimes take 16 or more then the large size may be more suitable.

Some children may be more suitable for an adult size skirt. If in doubt go up an age group or move into the adult range.


Different lengths-

Regular size in long length from 46cm- 51.5cm depending on skirt model. Violet is currently the longest in this category at 51.5cm length.

Regular size in short length from 34cm- 37cm depending on skirt model. Violet or Caroline is currently the longest in this category at 36cm and 37cm respectively.

Large size in long length only, with Isobel at 48cm.

Child lengths are 28cm for 2-6yrs and 34cm for 6-11yrs.