Victoria 6-sided VIC1719


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2 short, 2 long, 2 layered  plus a bag= 6-sided Victoria!

How does this work?

The short part of the skirt is permanently attached to the waistband. The long part of the skirt can be zipped on and off, so you can wear either side of the long skirt with one side of the short skirt, giving you 2 layered skirts.

Next you can wear the short skirt on the inside and reverse either side of the long skirt on the outside, giving you 2 long skirts.

Lastly you can zip off the long skirt completely and wear either side of the short skirt, giving you 2 more skirts.

The detachable pouch bag clips on and off both sides of the belt. It has two handy zip compartments with plenty of room for your wallet, phone, and keys etc so you never need to take out a separate bag.

All of our skirts are unique, is this the one for you…..

(Please see example picture if more info needed!)

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Additional Information


6-SIDED SKIRT, Detachable bag


36cm short skirt- 47cm long/layered skirt



Skirt size

Regular 6-16 – Short & long in one

Waistband range





Zand Amsterdam


Fairly Traded

Hand wash or use the hand wash setting on your washing machine. Do not tumble dry. Iron on low setting. Hand wash the bag and belt (if it detaches) separately from the skirt.


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